Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You never told me that #1

The water is always there. In the morning after the kids left for school, the rugs are soaked surrounded by puddles of water. Somedays I will hang the rug over the shower curtain to dry, rug never dries. Ever. It's that wet. The floor is still wet into the evening. My socks get wet whenever I venture deep enough into that bathroom to let out the bathtub water or my all time favorite, unclog the toilet. Why Why Why and Where Where Where is this water coming from? I have mostly blamed the problem on the rug thus far. Cheap rug doesn't soak up the water and doesn't dry. Sometimes it's the basement's fault - lack of air circulation down there. I have pondered this for two years now and last night replaced the rugs hoping to solve the problem. None of my 5 of 7 children who use this bathroom knows where the water comes from.

Today my 19 year old was coming out the bathroom door, post shower, and my timing was perfect. I stopped him before he exited in his towel and had him look closely at the floor with me. Yup, there it was. Puddles and such. A new thought occurred to me so I inquired of my adult offspring, "While you are in the shower, where is your towel you plan to dry off with?" He answers with pride, "Right on the towel hook where you tell me to keep it." He points to the hook behind the door. It can't be true so I have to ask further, "So after your shower when you are ready to dry off, how do you get your towel?" Adult child: "I just step out of the shower, walk over to the towel, get it, and dry off." Oh boy. "Did you ever think to dry off before you step out of the shower?" Adult child: "Well how am I supposed to get my towel?" (See the toilet lid? See towel bar right next to the shower? See this shower curtain rod up there?) Move to 15 year old son and repeat entire conversation, his part as well, with the exception of, "You never told me that!" Heavy sigh Double bonus - all in the same day: new rugs and dry rugs, so I celebrated and cleaned the bathroom (it must be a special day if my bathroom gets cleaned)

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